St. John AME Zion
Vision Statement

Vision statement of the Pastor,
The Rev. Dr. Wilmer T. Frazier Jr.



   Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he who

b keeps the law, he is blessed.

(Proverbs 29:18) 


In keeping with the expressed Word of God, it should be necessary for the Pastor to publish his vision as it relates to the Church in his charge.  This statement will attempt to enunciate this. 

The Vision Statement:


It is my vision that Saint John shall continue to be the loving, supportive, Christ-centered body of believers, striving to Praise the Lord and lift up the Name of Jesus and that this will best be achieved by an environment that is conducive to that end. 



     By continuing, it is meant that the basic premise has been achieved, and that we will not only continue what is being done but also improve.


     By loving, it is meant to mean brotherly and sisterly love which is expected to grow and evolve to agape love.


     By supportive, it is meant to describe those attitudes and behaviors that support, uplift, enjoin and empower others through their time, talent, and tithes.


     By Christ-centered, it is meant to enunciate that Jesus Christ is the center, focus and core of all actions, beliefs, intentions of how we act, what we say and what we do.


     By body of believers, it is meant to convey all who are a part of and supportive of our local church and general church structure.


     By praising the Lord, and lift up the Name of Jesus, it is meant to mean corporate and personal, public and private worship.


     Our Church environment consists of physical comfort, positive intellectual input and a nurturing Spiritual base, i.e., Body, Mind and Spirit.


     Physical comfort involves not only the Church building but also the physical and emotional well-being of all who may come into our Church.


     Positive intellectual input involves Christian education and examples that are demonstrated.


     Nurturing Spiritual base are those attributes that will cause others to grow and prosper.  Its origins begin with the Word of God, reside in our hearts, are expressed in our deeds and can be identified as such.

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