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From the Preacher’s Notebook:

For Jan. 2, 2005

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Wilmer T. Frazier Jr.


Subject: Things You Need Before the Ship Sinks

Text: Matthew 8: 24-27  Key vs., 24,25


The setting: Jesus and His disciples are onboard a boat going over to the other side of the sea of Galliee.  They encounter a very sudden and very strong storm when Jesus is in the rear of the boat asleep on a pillow.  They awaken him while the storm is at its worst, and as sudden as it appeared, it is quelled by Jesus’ rebuking of the wind and the waves.  “What manner of man is this” they ask among themselves, “ that even the wind and the sea obey him?”


In many ways we are just like ships at sea.  And we at times will find ourselves in a storm and our “ship” is sinking.


What do we need before this happens.


Point 1.  We need a lifeboat (a vehicle that can carry us when the ship starts to sink.  The lifeboat in our lives is the Church


Point 2.  It may come to a point when the lifeboat itself can spring a leak.  In this case we need something more closer and personal for us.  A lifevest.  (Even on large cruise ships where there are many lifeboats, everyone still must wear a lifevest.)  The lifevest we need is our faith.


Point 3.  Sadly enough, sometimes our faith can be tested, and it can be diminished to the extent that it will seem no longer effective.  It is then we need someone who can rescue us: a lifesaver.  Our lifesaver is Jesus


The Outline:

Things you need before the ship sinks

Text: Matthew 8: 24-27  Key vs., 24,25


Before the ship sinks, we need:

1.    A Lifeboat (the Church)

2.    A Lifevest (Faith)

3.    A Lifesaver (Jesus)


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